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Good News for Haitian Nationals

The Department of Homeland Security has designated Haiti as a Temporary Protected Status Country.

What is TPS for Haiti?

TPS is a humanitarian Immigration Status announced by DHS designating Haiti for TPS effective August 3, 2021, through February 3, 2023, due to the (1) Political, Social and Economic Crisis Haiti is facing after the assassination of President Moise.

What does this mean for Haitian Nationals?

If you are a Haiti National or an individual who can prove past Haitian residence, you can apply for this DHS program.

If granted this status (For the duration of this program) you:

  • CANNOT be placed in removal or deportation proceedings

  • CAN apply for Employment Authorization Documents

  • CAN be granted travel documentation as a matter of discretion

Registration Period:

The registration period for eligible Haitian Nationals to submit their application begins on August 3, 2021 and it will be open through February 3, 2023.

What is my immigration status after the TPS ends?

The beneficiaries return to the previous immigration status or category that they maintained (if any) or received while registered for TPS, as long as it is still valid beyond the dates the TPS terminates.

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